Looking for kitting and assembly services in Canada?

  • Streamlined Hand Assembly, Kitting and Bagging

  • Product Assembly Customized to Your Specifications

  • Accurate, Scalable and Guarantee Delivery

  • Skilled and Outstanding Quality at a Huge Cost Savings

  • Order Fulfillment and Warehousing Available if Required

  • Dedicated Account Mangement


What sets us apart is our dedicated, skilled and highly trained staff, systems and protocols in place to handle any even the most specific and complex kitting and assembly project precisely to your specifications and timing with unparalleled quality control.

We have worked with some of the most well-known brands, event organizers, crowdfunded products and daily deal site vendors across Canada. Our key to success it’s understanding that every kitting and assembly procedure is unique.

A Kitting and Assembly Operation Geared for the 21st Century

We have experience kitting and assembling for some of the biggest companies and events in Canada! We are the industry leaders in event and project based fulfillment in and have over 10 years serving the e-commerce, event & project based fulfillment proudly offering the best rates on the market.


We have over 10 years of experience dealing with a wide variety of eCommerce businesses and event organizers across Canada.

We aren’t just kitting and assembly. Because we have an operation that provides fulfillment for some of the biggest and most well known businesses in the Canadian market, we can also offer you services that other kitting and assembly companies can’t. Once your project and kitted and assembled, we can provide tremendous carrier and shipping discounts and distribution options. We have worked with project managers from some the biggest events in the Toronto area and across Canada.


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